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Basic Technical Analysis 

Course duration
5 days    x  3 hours 
Price 30000
The course will cover
  1.  Types of charts
  2. Channelling techniques
  3. Important technical indicators in detail RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Moving Averages
  4. Writing options
  5. Covered call system of making money


Advanced Technical analysis Course 

  15 days x 3 hours
Rs. 90000



All above as mentioned in Basic Technical Analysis plus       

1. Elliot wave analysis   basic tenets                                                               
2. Advanced explanation of elliot wave                                                              |
3.  Masswave proprietary ABC wave explained                                                 
4.  Practical demonstration in real time in the markets for two days           
5.   Intraday plays (with practical demonstration in real time with markets open 
6.  Important known patterns                                                                               
7. Masswave proprietary patterns explained.                   
8.  Covered call system  in detail. 


Intra Day trading course

Course duration
5 days x 3 hours
Rs. 30000



This course is specially designed for day traders. Out of the 5 training days, 2 days reserved for fundamentals of trading with technical analysis. Following is the content which will be imparted


  1.   All important technical indicators.
  2.  Use of candle stick charts.
  3.  Short course on elliot waves and our proprietary ABC waves
  4. How to use ABC waves in congruence with elliot wave.                 





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