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  • 30th dec 2013

    We expect the markets to rise upto 6400-6450 and then start the downward journey till 6000 levels.

  • 25 jan nifty
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  • 30th dec 2013
    We expect the markets to rise upto 6400-6450 and then start the downward journey till 6000 levels.

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    16th dec
    The markets moved to 6400 plus and started corrected from there as predicted. The markets are now in the process of making the last leg of the multimonth inverted head and shoulder pattern. This should take us to the 1st week of jan where the intermediate bottom can be formed and an opportunity to buy into the markets. However for now look at markets going down to our target of 5850

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    9th dec 2013
    The markets are poised to go up to 6400 from where they should correct. However the main trend remains up and bullish. USD should correct to 6100 and gold is on a major downswing now

    2nd dec 2014
    2nd dec 2014 MAIN TREND UP INTERMEDIATE TREND Intermediate trend up . target 6400 plus.. NIFTY The up move for last two days has changed the wave count. Markets will move up now to test the upper band before moving down Usd inr USD has made a sudden expanding triangle bringing the upmove to a sudden halt. USD should move down from here Gold Gold is showing strength and should start moving to our target of 34000. It remains a long term buy. The markets took a bullish upturn technically in aug with a V shaped rise. We predicted a bull market since then with intermediate corrections. We have been also maintaining to buy for long term. Last week we had predicted a further bottoming out at 5750 to satisfy the channels. However the markets now are poised to test the upper band 1st that is 6400 plus before we can test the lower band. The above satisfy the expected assembly election results. USD is showing a downturn which should start on Monday. As the USD and The Indian markets seem to be synchronising in the opposite directions, the Indian markets should start going up to a target of 6400 plus to the upper band as shown in the attached graph of . Since last 3 months we have been having abrupt turnarounds . These normally happen in a cup and handle formation where the handle has been forming in the upward direction. We have therefore advised correctly our clients to buy for long term even at these levels on delivery basis.

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    11th nov 2013
    The markets , as per our analysis are with main trend up. Nifty is at present correcting which can form a base from present levels till 6050. Gold should start forming a base around present levels and start going up. USD should correct from present levels and then to rise till 63.5 levels

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    5th nov

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