Market forecast dated 13th May 2019   


CRUDE Dated 13th May

This time I am including the analysis of crude price. For this is one commodity which has a direct influence over the world economy and indicates towards inflation or deflation.

As you will see in the charts, crude has a good chance of scaling 75 plus by the end of this year.

Nifty Monthly long term Dated 13th may

If we see the long term chart of nifty , we observe a correction overdue. However sometimes the markets can actually keep going slantingly upwards along the top border of the main channel. But eventually it must fall . Greater the wait more sudden and dramatic the fall will be.

Although I have shown with dotted arrow the markets coming down to sub 8000 levels , we have to bear in mind the markets dont always behave in a orderly fashion, and can go sideways after touching 10000 or so.

                                         USD/INR 13TH MAY 2019

INR has moved up against the USD as predicted last month. Now it may further move up till 70.5 where it will face stiff resistance and may start its downward journey again

     NIFTY AUTO Dated 13th may 2019

Nifty Auto is now on its last leg down and can be taken as a bottoming out leg. This leg can even go down about 10 percent but can end abruptly also.


Nifty Pharma is on its last leg of consolidation. However to substantiate this it should move sideways .


Nifty Bank is overdue for correction. Sooner or later it must correct to the bottom of the channel drawn

                                         NIFTY REALITY DATED 13TH MAY

As mentioned in last update, nifty reality has already gone through a classic base formation.

We can see upward movement in time to come.


                        Market forecast dated 13th APRIL 2019

The triangle is shown as blown up figure on the right above. In all probability we should have the markets coming down on monday or latest by tuesday

USD/INR Dated 13th april 2019

NIFTY AUTO13th april 2019

NIFTY PHARMA13th april 2019

NIFTY BANK 13th april 2019

NIFTY REALTY 13th april 2019

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