The Markets moves. It depends on how you look at them.

Warren Buffet methodology is simple. According to him one invests when the price of a stock falls due to market frenzy and gets the stock at a price which is much below its fair value. The stock may fall further but in due time will spring back and go much higher with the same frenzy with which it fell.

Timing the markets can however work along with Warren Buffet methodology of investing. In this one invests on the wave A and wave C  ending. In this way one would not miss out on any fall in the long run.

Below is an example of wave A and wave C

The markets did come down and we could with the help of the wave theory could mark off wave A clearly. Or the first point of investment.

The markets now climbed up to wave B. Wave B now can be a fraction of wave A or it can be also equal to wave A . Once this finishes , we follow wave C down and make our second investment .



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