About us

Masswave India was conceptualised way back in 2003. The idea behind the website was fully non commercial and was to spread the knowledge self had gained in understanding the markets and the various forces influencing it. 
Even today the underlying theme is education. Although now we have a clear distinction between the paid and free services.

The free services still include our historical giveaways. We continue and will continue to give free weekly analysis on the markets which include Nifty Analysis, Crude, USD/INR, and Dow Jones.

Incidentally the weekly nifty analysis will  continued to be given on Whatsapp totally free of charge. For this please fill up the very short registration form given on one of the tabs

We have started a paid service which includes mainly educative classes in all forms of technical analysis. These classes are organised in person and also one on one online. 

Our motto remains as before- Educate and bring technical expertise to all . We have kept our fee to the minimum in order to benefit all

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