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Today's Update

NASDAQ Opening On 30th jan analysis

NASDAQ opening on 30th jan.As mentioned in the last update , we have a wave Z , due to commence downwards. This wave IN ALL PROBABILITY has already commenced in the small time. Please see the next ...

NIFTY Opening On 30th Jan

Events DO play a big part in analysis. The recent controversy surrounding adani stocks will no doubt die down with time, but MAY pull the markets down a bit.NOW considering a flat correction which ...

NIFTY Opening On 27th jan 2023

For opening on 27th jan , I am considering the price action from 1st week dec only. Above count all fibonacci parameters and wave character met. We should pull back upwards on friday and THEN fall to ...

NIFTY Opening On 25th january

Above is with the premise that we have a ending triangle in the making. An alternate view in blue for an expanded flat in the making. In both these views , the commonality is the net net bullishness ...

NIFTY Opening on 23rd jan 2023

For opening on 23rd jan, we need to consider the price action from oct 2022 onwards only. In this we have an impulsive wave going up. AT the start I have marked as wave IV for easier referencing. I ...

Nifty Opening On 20th Jan 2023

Above count to be seen in continuation of yesterdays elliot wave count. ...

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