We propagate the idea of developing a learning management system, where student develops their own trading system after learning the rudiments and enhanced elements of technical analysis. This lets each person mature into a trader and investor as per his own temperament. We provide the tools , it is upto you how you use it. My own expanding journey into the realms of all facets of risk management in the financial markets with ever increasing knowledge, has encouraged me to share the knowledge gained. However there are multiple ever changing scenarios , and one cannot stop learning or being vigilant at all times. It is my firm belief that with discipline and knowledge one can find success in the markets, whether one chooses to be a long term investor or a short time frame trader. There is  a very distinct difference in being a trader and a investor. Elliot wave and other technicals help a trader to ALWAYS be ahead of the curve. A successful trader is always ready for all surprises and ultimate aim is to make money from the markets. An investor looks for lower ranges where to buy and keeps them UNTIL he is making a profit. Successful traders always make their trading rules simple and their interpretation and implementation of elliot wave rules are always easy to understand and follow. With discipline , they will invest only as much is warranted by the wave count. The higher the wave count the lesser their deployment. Our syllabus and lessons have been carefully developed and crafted to cater to both the trader and the investor. However like in all things , experience is a must along with knowledge.

Capt. Sanjay Vidyalankar