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Terms and Conditions
1. All services will require full advance payment.
2. Once payment is made for a particular service, no refund will be made.
3. All reports will be given by email. Company will not be liable in case of your not receiving the reports due to internet problems.

Terms of Service
Before requesting our services you are required to ensure that you have understood the contents of the service agreement. We reserve the right to review and change the conditions as and when required. Therefore you must go through these contents periodically.

Code of Conduct
1. While using our services you cannot sub licence, resell, our services to any third party.
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3. Modify in any way, our reports and services and resell or propagate our website in any wrongful way.

Limitations of liability
Masswave India runs this website solely for educational purposes. We nor our affiliates, or any party connected with us directly or indirectly will be responsible for any losses you may incur directly or indirectly . In case you are not satisfied with the reports sent by us or with any contents on our website you are required to stop using the website. The only liability on us for all damages, losses will be the total amount paid by you if any for any service rendered by our website.

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We reserve the right to terminate any of our services or this agreement without notice. We also reserve the right to modify , change the services as deemed necessary from time to time.

Use of this website
This website is solely for educational purposes. We do not in any way ask you to invest in any way in any security. Before going ahead with any investment you are required to check out the fundamentals of the company or the investment yourself through a licenced independent financial advisor.
You must keep in mind that all market analysis is subjective in nature and so is ours. Do not invest on our analysis. Consider our analysis as educational only. CONSULT A LICENCED FINANCIAL ADVISOR BEFORE INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS.

We will not be held responsible under any circumstance , by any action of yours which results in losses to you directly or indirectly attributed to any of our associates, written material, website links etc. At the outset, we are an educational website propagating the law of possibilities in an environment which in any case is not subject to being enclosed in any definitive result.



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