NIFTY opening on 21st june 2021

In my last post I had mentioned a intermediate correction , which has happened already. The upper target i had given as 16400

I had also mentioned that we are on a last and final 5th wave. 5th waves are always treacherous( 5th waves can truncate ) and one needs to be careful in investing on this last leg of the 5th wave bullrun.

Below I am giving the latest wave count. On monday we may have the markets opening lower but should recover during the day.

We are clearly in the process of topping out. WITHIN this topping out the upper target is 16300-400 . trade with utmost caution.

Disclaimer  The above analysis , as well as all other analysis within this website , is based on elliot wave analysis which is a study of a RANGE of possibilities. Wave analysis is highly subjective in nature and MUST not be used for trading or speculative purposes but only as an academic study of the wave theory.