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Technical Analysis

Masswave India is dedicated to the art of indian stock market technical analysis based primarily on elliott wave theory.

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We analyse the indian stock market analysis , with stock markets tips to our esteemed clients.

This not only helps in investments in Mutual Funds, Stocks on delivery basis but also boosts profits in trading in Futures and Options.

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The Indian stock market technical analysis is not the same as fundamental analysis. The technical analysis studies the price charts and is based on changing emotions of masses or in other words depends on crowd behaviour.

Elliott, a US citizen discovered this theory (elliott wave theory) in 1941 and based it on the mathematically patterned view of the universe and everything contained in it. This included the human mind and response specially when attributed to mass reactions in a crowd.

He also based a major part of his theory on fibonacci ratios. These ratios are now seen as universal truth among the high end analysists working for major hedge funds around the world.

Although elliott wave theory propagates crowd behaviour , which can be used in any trading, elliott used it primarily for indian stock market technical analysis.

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